1. Agreement on the terms of use

A. The following service is offered by EFFY LIVE CORP., and the users can find the service details on the website. B. Effy may make revisions on the service for improvement, regulation, or security reasons. Effy will communicate revisions at least seven days before the implementation. However, functions for the betterment of the users or revisions due to legal reasons may be initiated immediately.

2. Service

A. The following terms apply to all users uploading or viewing the contents on the app. "Contents" refer to text, software, script, graphic, photo, sound, video, audiovisual combination, interactive feature. B. There may be links from third parties that EFFY does not own. Effy will not censor such content and will not be responsible for these. Using the provided service, the users nominally give immunity to the corporate on the cases that may rice due to the use of third-party websites. C. The service developers advise the users to follow the regulations on board.

3. Effy account

A. The user needs to open an Effy account to gain access to the contents of the service and may not use the accounts of others without permission. Upon establishing the account, the user must provide accurate information. Except for cases in which Effy takes responsibility by law, the user accepts sole responsibility for the online activities and should maintain the security of the personal password. In cases of privacy violations or unauthorized use, the user must report to Effy about the circumstance.

B. Effy does not take accountability for the harms brought due to unauthorized use. However, the user may be held responsible in cases of damages afflicted on other users or Effy.

4. Common service use- permissions and limitations

Effy allows the use of the service under the following conditions:

A. The user agrees not to distribute the service or contents on any form of media. The sole exclusion is the distribution via the services provided by Effy (e.g., Embeddable Player)

B. The user agrees not to make edits or changes to the service.

C. the user agrees not to access the contents on the app aside from the internal playback page, Embeddable Player, or the technique or means provided by Effy.

D. The user agrees not to use the service for commercial uses exclusive of a preliminary signed mutual agreement with Effy.

E. The written below does not imply commercial purpose:

F. The functions of Embeddable player may not be initiated, revised or blocked if the website does not include links that redirect to Effy.

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